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A Goodbye

I believe it’s time for me to leave this tumblr, or, at least, for now. I’ve been neglecting it & I feel that I no longer have the same love for it as I used to. I never believed I could leave but for the time being, I wish to say goodbye for now. I’ll just leave this account up as an archive. Maybe I’ll be back one day.

Thank you to the Seth family for making this the best fandom experience I’ve ever had. I shall miss you all. Take care.

(I shall be on another tumblr. Message me if you would like to stay in contact.)

Trisha is constantly described as a sports host. What show does she host? Also, why is she in Dubai now?


She doesn’t need to be on a show to be a sports host. Maybe she does projects we’re not aware of.

I have absolutely no idea. You should ask her. She seems very happy & I wish her the best.

(Of course, this would be the last message I answer on here, haha.)

Jimmy Kimmel just announced that Seth will be on his show next week!


Thank you for the messages! That sounds so fun!

Doesn't trisha live in dubai now? Also totally don't think that's seth. Def seems like the other guy tagged in the tweet.


I have no idea. I haven’t kept up w anything. I hope she’s doing well! I agree bby

The seth tag is just crappy as of late :(


Awh, really? :c I haven’t checked the tag in forever. I don’t really post stuff anymore :c

I love you!!!


I love you so much more!!!! Everybody go follow this flawless person RIGHT NOW

I don't get Seth's tweet from yesterday, (3/19/14), "I took the quiz and got Ed Meese! Which Reagan cabinet member are YOU?" What are your thoughts?


Honestly, it’s difficult for me to understand many of Seth’s Tweets. From my incomplete, unsatisfying investigation, he seems to just be making a jab at Republicans or he thinks he’s being funny. What do y’all think?

disappointed that seth didn’t go with “sethmacfarlame” as his user smh